Can not verfy the s2w2 mission

How to verfy the mission?
I have Galxe Forum account 6 days…


how to verify user for the Galxe quest?

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me too, I guess we should wait

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same guys… what to do ? i have certicate also… :confused:


Same Here…How to fix?

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and with me the same… im a forum user for a long time and cant claim the quest :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

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same here. can not verify

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I have same issue =) I see that a half of thousand participations claimed own OAT, but it’s unavailable for me

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same issue here. hw to verify?

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No idea… :confused: i hope they will confirm us

How pls tell me I need to know

What should I do? I cannot verify the following 2 tasks, which have been completed for more than 1 day and have been delayed in success!

1 Galxe CoinMarketCap Community Follower
2 Galxe Forum User

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I’m also like this, maybe I should be more active.

please respon us ser. we cant verify

You all have to fill out this form if you haven’t
but I believe it is for the forum register cos my coinmarketcal follow is still not verified for me too.

这个问题要怎么解决呢 :expressionless:,有点苦恼,去开票了

1 week now and still can’t verify